6 benefits of custom web application development

A web application is a client-server computer program that is stored on a remote server and delivered over the Internet through a web browser.

Some common web apps you’ve probably worked with include Google Docs, Pixlr, Evernote, Trello, and Netflix. Basically, a web application is an online computer program that can help you perform a function, rather than simply receiving information.

If you have a business, having a custom web app can not only benefit your employees, it can also benefit your customers. Here are six benefits of a custom web app:

It is made to measure

A web application made for your business by a web development company will be exactly what you need to solve your problems. The application will be built to serve the specific purpose for which you need it, and you can be sure that your application will be able to handle all of your business requirements.

Is scalable

Sure, standard software can address most of your business needs, however it is not as scalable as something custom built. Having a custom web application developed will ensure that your application can grow as your business grows, and you won’t be forced to switch to a more expensive program or worry about expensive license purchases.

It is safe.

Most of online hacking comes from hackers who know the weak points of commonly used software, which can put a big target on your business if you use one of those software. Hacking a custom coded app would take much more time and effort to learn the program, making it a less attractive target.

It is customizable.

If your company already uses some other softwares, there is no problem in creating your custom web application to flow smoothly with them. Unlike using multiple standard solutions that often don’t work together efficiently, you can create a custom web application with your other favorite softwares in mind, ensuring increased productivity and a smooth workflow.

It is constantly maintained.

When you use commercial software, you are forced to rely on that software development company to keep your software running. If the company closes or if they decide to stop maintaining that application, you will be forced to switch software, which can be an unexpected expense for your business.

You can save money over time.

Of course, having a custom web app is not necessarily cheaper than using something commercially available, but it can save you a great deal of money over time. You won’t have to pay for license packages or purchase additional hardware, because your application can be built to work with your existing hardware. You will also own your application, so you will not have to pay to use it (only for maintenance).

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