Choosing a Divination System: Tarot, Runes, or I-Ching?

There are many divination systems that allow a person to predict future events. Europe is famous for the Tarot cards, which became a symbol of Western occultism. China, on the other hand, is known for the I-Ching, the complex and mystical art of hexagrams. And the cold North is known for the Runes, magical symbols that the gods gave to humans. Which system is the best, which one should I choose?

This is a question I am often asked when people begin their journey into the occult arts. Many want to learn some system of divination, since they perceive it as an obligatory element of their occult practices. Well, you can literally guess everything: bones, ashes, tea, coffee, MacBook Pro if you want, because the object you are using for divination purposes is just one way of focusing. For example, in popular exploration (often referred to as crystal ball reading), the crystal ball is just a medium of focus and it makes no difference whether you are using a crystal ball, a quartz, a mirror, or a glass. of your LCD monitor. .

Personally, for beginners, I recommend one of three divination systems: the European Tarot cards, the Chinese I-Ching, and the Norse runes. Which one should a beginner choose? Well, the I-Ching is very complex and requires great interpreting skills, so not only would you have learned all the possible hexagrams (and there are many, 64 to be exact) but also different ways to interpret them. But if your memory is good and you have a lot of time to learn, then the I-Ching will be the best option: it is the most accurate divination system when used correctly.

And if you think you want something darker and more mysterious, I recommend that you learn about the Tarot. This 500-year-old European system is one of the most mysterious and, at the same time, it is probably the easiest to learn; It also takes some time, but in the end, in a few weeks, you can start giving readings for people.

And probably the hardest thing not to learn, but to use, are runic systems. 24 runes are easy to memorize and easy to cast, but the interpretation is very difficult. In most cases, you must use your innate psychic abilities to understand the meaning of the cast runes and the message they contain. That is why runes, probably the most powerful of divination systems, are also the most difficult to use on a daily basis. But being an accurate rune caster means you’ve earned yourself respect and skills.

Which one would you choose? Try each system if you like, try to feel which one works best for you, and then find more. Do not try to learn all the divination systems, it is not necessary. If you learn one good enough, it will provide you with answers to all your questions. Seek perfection with one system and not minor skills at all.

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