COVID-19 A transformation

In this turbulent period in which the world is faced with the covid19 pandemic, life seems to be upside down. Panic, terror, uncertainty, and despair are the biggest monsters hanging over everyone’s heads, trying to strangle them.

However, despite the frightening presence of these demons, there seems to be a ray of hope among the people and that ray of light is illuminated in the form of a positive attitude adopted by all.

Since the outbreak of this Corona virus, a complete transformation is evident in the behavior and conduct of most of us. We have become altruistic, empathetic, patient, and humble. A transformation, for which motivational speakers, religious leaders, social activists and reformers preached for several years, Corona taught them in a month. Is it a reality to cry or celebrate?

This is the time to reflect. Being a civilized nation, we should behave towards others in the most positive and decent way as expected, but unfortunately, we never realized that. In the “pre-crown scenario,” each of us lived in a shell of his ego and arrogance. We are part of a career that leads to materialistic achievements. In this race, we forget to nurture our spiritual energies. The energies that drive our mind and soul, enriching them in the most desirable way.

We became indifferent to the agony and suffering of others. We only carry one motto in life and that was “My happiness”, even if we have to achieve it at the cost of destroying the happiness and delight of others. Instead of “human beings”, we transform ourselves into “bad beings”. And that’s when our miseries began.

Nature has its way of approaching things. He loves us more and could not see us suffer the creatures. We suffered long before the outbreak of this pandemic crown, suffering in the form of becoming “Evil Beings” rather than “Human Beings”. Nature has to heal us through her healing hand. We needed to be healed spiritually and morally.

To get things back to normal, to free ourselves from the chains of arrogance and pride, the healing hand of Nature covered the Universe with the clouds of COVID-19. This is how the purification of our mind and body is commemorated.

The healing process is in progress “during the COVID-19 period,” resulting in a positive change in attitude and behavior for most of us. The forgotten values ​​of helping and caring for others have been recovered. We are all desperate to play our role in supporting others. The materialistic race has stopped. People are happy and grateful for what they have. The power of humanity has taken hold again demolishing the castles of pride and greed.

Questions arise, do we need pandemics to alter spiritually? Can’t we stand firm without neglecting our human qualities? Nature has bestowed her treasures of mercy on us, so why not be merciful to her creatures as well? Let us promise to align our lives with the ways of Nature and refrain from immersing ourselves in the ocean of superficial life where the waves of spiritual and moral disaster easily engulf us. Hopefully we stay in this phase of positivity and transformation in the “post-COVID-19 phase” as well.

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