Decorate your home with clay items

Decorating your home with clay items such as ceramics, terracotta, shells, blue ceramics, is like calling nature into the interiors of your home. Coming in different shapes, colors, and sizes, earthenware not only adds class, but also adds color to the interiors and exteriors of your home. With these ideas you can boast of a home that will become your pride and the envy of your neighbors.


Earthenware flower vases of different shapes, sizes and colors are classic elements and are a good decoration material. You can buy them at the Home Store, Lifestyle, or any other store that sells home decor items. Or if you’re on a budget, go to street vendors selling diyas and other clay materials. They have vases of some interesting shapes and sizes. The only thing is that you will have to do the decorating part yourself. But that’s where you can let your creativity flow and decorate those vases with your favorite colors or to match the furniture in your home. You can buy clay material vases in three different sizes and contrasting colors and you can put fresh flowers (if they are easy to get) or you can put dried flowers and keep them at the entrance or in your living room to add beauty to your interiors. You can also have vases with some interesting flower arrangement in your bedroom to add color to your bedroom.

candle holders and candle holders

Ditch brass and other metals this season and opt for earthenware designs. The candle holders and candle holders are made of earthenware, intricately carved like an antique piece that is a delight to the eyes and adds a touch of class to your interiors. The clay chandeliers are a delight as much as the metal ones. And if you don’t want to go for all-terrain candle holders, you can go for earthen-finished metal candle holders and candle holders for that regal look. Available in different shapes and sizes, they add glamor and class to your interiors. And with decorative and scented soy candles, you can further enhance your home’s interiors.

Wall hangings

Yes, wall hangings made of lacquer, shell and even earthenware add color and beauty to your interiors. These days, conch shell curtains are also available which not only add beauty to your interiors but also help to separate the dining room from the living room. Rajasthan wall hangings in vibrantly painted mud are also a good buy to enhance the beauty of your interiors.

Photo frames

Photo frames are the best way to not only display your precious memories, but if chosen correctly, they can also enhance your interiors. The frames in earthenware painted in vibrant colors are available in different shapes and sizes that add to the beauty of the interiors. You can choose hanging frames or those with a stand. Frames made of earthen material with dried flowers and leaves used to decorate the borders not only bring color to your interiors but also give a feeling of being close to nature.

blue pottery

The famous blue pottery from Rajasthan is your best bet if you have decided to decorate your home with earthenware. Not only is it a beautiful vibrant blue color but it is painted with intricate or Royal Rajasthan paintings which are an absolute delight and definitely a must for your home. You can choose vases, bowls, matkas or surahis in various shapes and sizes with intricate Mughal paintings to decorate your home interiors. Since Rajasthan is famous for its mirror work, ceramics are also available in decorative mirror work. Manufacturers can also make custom blue pottery that can include candle holders and various other items.

terracotta items

Terracotta items offer a wide range to enhance your home decor. You can use them in their original form or if you are feeling too creative you can paint them in vibrant colors to not only enhance their beauty but also enhance your home interiors. Terracotta items can also be used to enhance the exteriors of your home. Various products like decorative ashtrays (round and turtle shape), vases, flower pots, wall hangings, lampshades with human heads, leaves, bowls and bottles with rings add to the rustic look of your interiors. Enhance the beauty of these rustic materials with fresh flowers or artificial flowers in bright colors of red, blue and lemon yellow.

ceramic items

Hand painted ceramics are always a delight to own. Whether you use them for home decoration or use them in your daily life, they always add color to your home. Ceramic bowls, plates, and pots painted in vibrant colors of blue, red, and green can brighten up any dull corner of your home and bring it to life. Hand-painted vases in oval shapes or a set of two glasses with vibrant floral or fish paintings can enhance a small corner of your home and add a touch of class to your interiors. You can also buy other ceramic knick-knacks like photo frames, ashtrays, among other things, to enhance the interiors of your home.

wall tiles

Tile murals are another way to introduce earthen decorating ideas into your home interiors. If you want to make a statement, then you can go for a decorative ceramic tile mural. And you can show your individual taste and style with decorative tile murals and accent pieces. A bit expensive, they add a certain touch of class to your interiors. The advantage of using a tile mural as a decorative element is that it can decorate both your kitchen and bathroom. Make a statement in your bedroom with a romantic tile mural or in your child’s room with a mural designed for children. You can decorate your coffee table with these tile wall murals and thus also include your furniture in the decoration ideas. If you have a plain mirror that you were about to throw away, then don’t. You can enhance the beauty of that mirror by using these tile murals as a border and keep it in your foyer or near the entryway.

other trinkets

If you keep your eyes open while shopping, you will be surprised that there are so many things made out of clay, which will enhance your home interiors and make your home look like a living paradise. Small decorative elements such as a miniature teapot and teacups, a set of small decorative stones in vibrant colors and different shapes and sizes in the corner of your entrance will only add beauty to the beauty of your interiors. Napkin rings can also add beauty to your interiors.


Although earthenware adds beauty to your interiors and can take your decor to the next level, the important thing to remember here is not to go overboard with the decor. Either mix and match the materials in one corner or don’t do it all. For example, a blue ceramic placed with another blue ceramic item would be pleasing to the eye, but placed with ceramic items it would be jarring and would not create the desired effect of pleasure. Another thing to remember is that whatever item you choose, be it terracotta, ceramic, or blue ceramic, make sure the overall effect is pleasing to the eye. For example, terracotta items go well with wrought iron and jute furniture, while ceramic can match any modern and rustic furniture. For blue ceramic, there must be some blue color in your furniture. And for tile murals, you should seek expert opinion before settling on them in your home interiors.

So start with these decorating ideas and create a new look for your home interiors.

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