Do you always know what you want?

Do you really know what you want and are you ready to do whatever it takes to get it?

I’ve been watching a TV show called “Seven Year Switch”. When I saw it advertised, I thought it would be a youth group like “Love Island”, not my cup of tea, however I saw the second episode by chance and realized that it was a serious attempt to resolve the failed associations. I got hooked.

By pairing up with another partner, each person was able to realize their failures with the help of their new temporary partner, who was able to see the situation from a new perspective. This dialogue encouraged. As a result, three of the four couples decided that they would work on their differences and make their relationships work. During this period they were helped by two counselors.

This made me think of the situation many couples find themselves in. Overwhelmed by everyday life, it is this losing sight of what you really want and how to support the realization of dreams for yourself and other family members.

Too often no one talks about irritations, desires, or hurt feelings; they lie buried to resurface periodically as harsh words and fights. We seem to have lost the ability to truly communicate our wants, needs, hopes, and desires in a caring way. Anger is at the forefront of relationships, everyone seems stressed, selfishness and thoughtfulness seem to have taken over.

Even world leaders like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson are known for their thoughtless tweets and comments. It seems that diplomacy has gone out the window!

Road rage abounds in place of old-fashioned politeness and good manners. Young people swear and mock in schools and on the streets annoying residents, as well as threatening staff, in schools and the hospital and even firefighters are being attacked in some areas. Why is there such a breakdown in good and disciplined family values.

These wayward youth, often knife-wielding gang members, don’t seem to know what they really want out of life or have a desire to live a law-abiding existence. They follow the wrong role models and rage for want of something better to do.

Sometimes companies lose their way and without changing their strategy they can suffer big losses.

So to get what you want from your relationships, your job or business, your hobby, or your life, you usually stop and think and then reach out to those around you and listen to their needs as well. Learn to commit and you will be in a happier place.

I am a huge fan of positive attitude books and the power of the mind to change things and achieve goals. These can be particularly helpful if you are going through a rough patch. In essence, they all say: you are the captain of your ship, steer it in the direction you want to be or you may end up on the rocks.

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