Dream big dreams to win men, one man at a time

Big dreamers who dream what will be during the day and put it into action are people you want to be with. Men in ministry need to be dreamers and dream makers.

“All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream at night in the dusty corners of their minds wake up the next day to find that their dreams were only vanity. But those who dream during the day with their eyes wide open are Dangerous men; they act out their dreams to make them come true.” -T.E. Lawrence

Dreaming with your eyes open, not necessarily physically but in the conscious mode, along with confirming, understanding, planning and executing the dream is the key to success. Dreams that are confirmed by the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and then confirmed by respected leaders, led by the Spirit, are dreams that must be realized. Believe that signs and wonders follow, not lead. Then, as the dream takes place, those signs and wonders will be evident in your confirmation of your direction.

An example that we recently participated in and experienced in our local church was one that involved a physical renovation. It was the representation of the greatest dream of taking the city for Christ.

The church 12 years ago had 37 members, today there are more than 650 members and more than 2,000 people who call the church their local church. In recent years the growth has been spectacular. The building is 100 years old and has been updated several times. Rooms have been created taking advantage of the space of the main auditorium. A room that at one time held 1,500 would only hold about 900 for a single service. This was becoming a bit of a challenge, but it was ok for now, we went to various services. Our pastor then had a dream from the Holy Spirit for the balcony to be reopened to expand the church. It had been covered over and turned into offices. Also in the same dream he saw the roof of the auditorium being removed to open up to the beams, making it more modern and welcoming. This would open up the hall and with the balcony increase the number of seats to over 1,200.

He mentioned the dream to his inner circle several times. Then, in quick succession, two evangelists from different parts of the planet told him to open the balcony, then another national church leader said the same thing, and finally our pastor’s mentor, for over 30 years, a true man of God, when he left. the church for the last time (he died shortly after) told the pastor to open that balcony.

This is a great project. We first had to raise a huge amount of money for this and all the other things we were doing. The promises came in overwhelming abundance, then the money flowed. We thought the renovation would take months due to money and workers. Oh we of little faith.

We started early a month and literally 3 weeks later the roof was down, the beams painted and the balcony open. The auditorium now seats 1,200 more. We expect it to fill up in the next 4-6 weeks. Counting is not important, remember when David counted in 1 Chronicles 21:1. Don’t get me wrong. God likes numbers. He has a book with the name. The importance is not how many people but how many hearts will be committed to the Lord because of the increased capacity.

This was a great dream. Well, it really isn’t, because for the creator of the universe and the one who keeps the known and unknown galaxies logically in place, what a big dream. I can talk about others. How about 300 people at a 5 am Saturday morning prayer meeting, or 50 men at a Saturday morning Bible study, or 100 men at a men’s ministry retreat?

In your ministry, whether the dream is to have a Bible Study with 50 men, it is biblical to confirm the timing of your dream with the Holy Spirit and your leadership, then plan and follow through. He checks the signs and wonders along the way.

Ultimately making disciples of the city and the nation. Creating relationships and seeing once again that iron sharpens, in your ministry with the Holy Spirit at the helm.

In the ministry believe in your dreams of God, dream big and then try them, plan them and execute them.

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