European vanity: renovate your bathroom in style

A great idea to “spice up” your old-looking bathroom is to try out the new styles of bathroom vanities that are available. One of the most popular is the Euro Vanity. However, until now, the Euro Vanity has been out of reach for the average spender. It is an expensive looking bathroom cabinet and its price justifies the exquisite appearance. Unfortunately, if you go to the big box supply retailers, you may still be spending a lot of money on this new style of bathroom vanity. Also, be careful, these great home centers inflate prices and sell you dressers that are not made of wood. They may look like wood and may have a wooden front; but the rest of the dresser is a little above the sturdy cardboard.

Recently some big importers have brought in real wood cabinets that are not only great in quality, but cost less than retail vanities. Connecting to a kitchen and bath website will save you time and money. To increase your savings, try an RTA cabinet. RTA stands for ready-to-assemble cabinets and they are fast becoming the best way to renovate a kitchen or bathroom. The Euro Vanity is available online at various RTA cabinet sites for 30% to 40% less than buying it from a store!

The other amazing part of these cabinets is the “parts” themselves. The cabinet and vanities are made from solid wood, and they come with a specially designed sink that extends from the front of the cabinet (the curves in the front really help break up the straight lines traditionally found in a bathroom). . You will get a higher quality product at a better price. How can the price and quality be so much better? This is because the cabinets or dressers are “RTA”. Don’t worry, the dressers only have one instruction sheet and can be easily assembled with a single flat head screwdriver. They use a cam locking system that uses pins and a locking system that creates a perfect fit.

So start shopping for your Euro Vanity online and you will see the savings. A modern look with a touch of sophistication that will dress up any bathroom.

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