Has social media changed us for the better or for the worse?

Some time ago we had a partnership, but today we have social networks! An agent of transformation, he has had a great impact on our culture, business and the world in general. There has been an increase in transparency, with a growing number of people expressing themselves on the social web.

There have hardly been any facets of our daily lives that have not been influenced by this amazing tool. Did you ever wonder how social networks have changed us? Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube et.al have revolutionized the way we interact with each other.

Social web 2015: what does it look like?

There are so many interesting developments on the social network that have led to a massive insurgency. Social messaging platforms such as Snapchat and WhatsApp They have come to influence the social sphere in such a way that they are now being seen as quasi-social networks in their own way.

Smartphone penetration has exploded like never before, with approximately 1.65 billion active mobile social accounts worldwide. Mobile technology has become an obsessive technology that drives growth in the social sphere and becomes an agent of disruption.

How social networks have changed us: the positive side

Our world has become a Global Village, connected at all times by the social web. So much is the impact of the social in our lives that staying away from it can lead to extinction, and who wants to become obsolete in today’s world of intensive connectivity?

Here is a brief description of the positive impact of social media:

· Fluid communication

Do you remember those times when you were hesitant to share your opinion? Today, the social sphere encompasses unimpeded communication, devoid of interaction barriers. Allow like-minded people to come together and comment on a common platform. It helps to unite people working for common goals and also gives them a viable direction to invest their efforts.

· Mass empowerment

Don’t you wonder how social media has changed us and empowered us even more? There is a massive empowerment, the result of the exchange of ideas in the social sphere. The masses have become more empowered and more informed. It allows people to get first-hand information and the world is becoming a smaller place to live.

· Business and marketing

Today, the boundaries between companies and their target audiences are rapidly shrinking. It has become easier to connect with customers and provide feedback. This has helped companies focus on greater customer centralization and increasing the quality of their services.

The playing fields have been leveled today, and the power of strong business ideas makes it possible for businesses to thrive, with the influence of social media increasing exponentially.

How social media has changed us: the downside

With its fair share of advantages, it is easy to believe that the social sphere is a promising path leading to positive change. However, the road is not so rosy! The thorns that accompany the benefits of socializing also have the power to suppress the sweet scent of its various benefits. Here are some of the ways the social sphere has not been too good for us:

· Lack of authenticity

There is so much data in the social sphere that it can be very difficult to examine authentic information. Authenticity is best left to the discretion of the general public, which also makes them very opinionated. This lack of authentic information makes most people misinformed and even causes unnecessary tirades.

· Angry social mobs and crowds

Do you love consuming news from your favorite social media website on a regular basis? It can be great to have news at your fingertips, but not too great if it becomes a reason for judgment for anything. While this has a favorable outcome in most cases, it also has a downside. Sometimes the news continues to spark massive social wars that result in nasty political rants followed by smear and confusion on public platforms.

· Lack of security

Whenever I am faced with the question of how social media has changed us, one word that comes to mind is insecurity … Due to the huge amount of informational exchanges in the social sphere, he has become a leading leader of The distrust. It has become one of those communication channels, which is increasingly seen as insecure and unreliable. It allows the dissemination of information to unreliable audiences, leading to higher crime rates.

That was a bit honest about the cons and pros of going social from our side … If I were to conclude on how social media has changed us, I’d say it has its own ups and downs, but it’s up to us to make the best of it. . It is imperative to be careful when using it, but the benefits of social media are too good to ignore.

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