How I got my breasts to grow 2 cup sizes in 3 months

Have you ever dreamed of winning a lottery and then actually won it? Or, did you ever really, really want something good to happen and then it happens?

I was very unhappy with the size of my breasts when I was 17 years old (who isn’t?), But I knew that mine were smaller than they should be for my age and had a feeling that they weren’t going to get very fat. bigger if nature was the only thing that worked for me.

Even my little sister was older than me and that was quite humiliating. I’m not worried about my appearance any more than most normal girls my age (I’m 20 now), but I really wanted to have breasts a little bigger than I had.

I spent a lot of time on the internet reading about this and sure there seemed to be quite a few products that could help me. I did some searching and read a lot of reviews, some good, most bad, and finally plucked up the courage to try one.

I read a lot about a gum that increased breast size, so I thought this was the answer.

My mom thought it was hilarious, but when I was 18 she was willing to do anything just to shut me up and so she let me use her credit card online (this was a big problem at our house).

The package finally arrived two agonizing weeks later and I remember unwrapping it in my room and starting to chew on it for two months. The results were pretty predictable, however I was still young enough to think it was taking a little longer than expected. Well, two months went by (my initial supply) and it wasn’t long. My breasts got a little firmer, but that was it, and that was probably nature just taking its course.

I was terribly depressed but had just become a critical consumer, he would never take advantage of me again!

Until I tried again, with another product, this time a cream. I smeared so much cream that I could have slipped through the locks eyes! It was supposed to start working in 30 days, but 60 days later it was still just me, no changes, no differences, nothing! Could I have fallen in love again? No way!


Since I was now working at a huge amusement park in Niagara Falls, I could afford to put a little more money into this, so I then tried pills that were absolutely guaranteed to succeed. They were successful, well, they managed to make my digestive system contract while giving me my first experience with migraines! He sent those guys packing.

I gave up – totally. No more internet garbage for me. Always!

I was still convinced that there must be a way to do this without buying padded bras. I was a bit of a fan of my search, but never fanatic enough to even consider surgery. My mom would have killed me anyway. She was at the end with me and my obsession.

The trick was being on the beach with my sister and a group of friends earlier this summer. I just didn’t compare and felt absolutely miserable, as usual when everyone had bigger breasts than me, including some of the boys.

I did a lot more research and finally settled on a system that combines pills, creams, and exercises / massages. The product advertised that my breasts would start to grow in 30 days.

They didn’t, it took about 45 days!

In fact, my breasts got fatter, firmer, bigger – 2 full cup sizes in 3 months! He had won the lottery! I was doing the exercises, taking the pills and smearing the cream like crazy and it worked! It worked.

I have never been so happy in my life, something really works! My breasts are growing and I have already had to buy new bras. People have noticed, and I know they have done it because they look at me differently. Don’t get me wrong, I will never be Pam Anderson, but I will be happy!

It wasn’t about sex, or boys, or being better than anyone. It was just about me wanting something and finally getting it.

If you are considering ways to grow your breasts and don’t want to waste time on expensive products that just don’t work, visit my blog to find out what worked and what didn’t.

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