How to Become a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer in Miami FL

There seems to be an unlimited number of things to do in Miami, Florida, from the famous Seaquarium to the elegant and opulent Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. Miami is warm year-round, and that means the many local beaches are always accessible when it’s time to relax. There is a growing demand for diagnostic medical sonographers as the healthcare industry continues to expand in 2014 to accommodate this city’s diverse and growing population.

Sonography Education in Miami, Florida

There are two excellent schools in Miami that offer sonography programs that are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Programs (CAAHEP). The two schools are Dade Medical College and Miami Dade College. Attending a CAAHEP-accredited sonography program is recommended because it provides the critical coursework and clinical training necessary to become certified by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS). The sonography programs offered by the two schools are associate degree programs, which take approximately two years to complete, with more than 80 percent of students graduating on time. There is a very large student population in Miami, Florida. More than 70,000 students attend public and private colleges and universities.

Salary and Job Outlook for Sonographers in Miami, Florida

The median annual salary for diagnostic medical sonographers in the Miami-Miami Beach-Kendall, Florida metro area was $59,690 according to the May 2012 Federal Occupational Survey. Although the median hourly rate of $28.70 is below From the national average hourly rate of $31.90 for this position, there is a high concentration of ultrasound tech jobs in the area. In 2012, there were 650 sonographers employed, and the number of available positions is expected to increase as the national health care program expands. This area has a high population density, which contributes to a high demand for health services. Numerous smaller cities surround Miami and have employment opportunities for diagnostic medical sonographers.

Current salary surveys conducted by job search firms indicate that sonographer salaries are increasing at a median annual salary of $64,000 as of December 2013. In 2014, sonographer salaries are likely to continue to rise as employment increases. demand for ultrasound technology in response to a growing and aging population.

A List of the Best Diagnostic Medical Sonography Programs in Miami, Florida

School Name: Miami Dade College
Address: 950 NW 20th Street, Miami 33127
Contact person: Dahlia Sanchez-Suarez
Contact phone: (305)237-4245
Program: Associate Degrees
Accreditation: CAAHEP

School Name: Dade College of Medicine
Address: 3721-1 NW 7th Street, Miami 33126
Contact Person: Carlos Palet
Contact phone: (305) 644-1171
Program: Associate Degree
Accreditation: CAAHEP

Nearby Cities With Accredited Diagnostic Medical Sonography Schools

  • coconut creek
  • delray beach
  • fort lauderdale
  • melbourne

A list of nearby states with accredited sonography colleges

Florida is a unique state with the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Gulf of Mexico to the west. Florida is 447 miles long, and Miami is near the southern tip of the state. Thus, only Florida’s state line in the north borders other states, which are:

  • Alabama
  • Georgia

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