Looking for a prom hairstyle?

Your prom hairstyle doesn’t have to be too complicated to look good. Some teens will make appointments with their stylists months in advance (stylists book quickly) to ensure they have the perfect hairstyle for prom.

But with a little work, you can create your prom hairstyle at home, no appointment necessary. And you can look like the ones who went to the salon.

A popular hairstyle this year is what is called the ponytail hairstyle. But this is not just any ponytail. To create the ponytail hairstyle, first apply a styling cream to damp hair, then turn your head and blow dry.

After your hair is completely dry, use a medium hair curler or hot rollers to create loose curls all over your head. Allow hair to cool completely before continuing.

Next, take small sections of hair at the crown and gently move them by running a comb back and forth over the roots. Smooth the top with a paddle brush. The hair in the crown area should now look fluffy. Pull all the hair back into a side or low ponytail and tie it with an elastic band. The elastic band will not squash the volume you have created with all the curls.

Finish off this hairstyle with a burst of shimmering serum for an extra shiny finish.

If you are unsure of this style, you can try creating it on your own a few weeks before prom. It may take some practice to make the look look perfect for prom.

To see other prom hairstyles, or to see what it would look like in a free hairstyles demo, visit http://www.hrpromhair.com.

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