Make a man have an orgasm: 3 ways to make your man ejaculate fast

Knowing how to make a man have an orgasm is great and will give you total power over how long the sex lasts. You know that having your man under your control gives you the power to achieve anything you desire.

A man’s mind works differently than a woman’s, a woman needs to feel good to have sex, right? Well, a man needs sex to feel good! they are just the opposite. So, whether it’s not pleasing her man properly or lacking the skills to make him feel good, what will she do? It is likely that he will find it somewhere else and he wants to avoid it at all costs, right?

Here are three ways to make your man ejaculate.

1. A great way to make a guy explode is to use specific sexual positions that make him ejaculate fast. There are two positions that do the trick every time. One is you on all fours, the combination of seeing your body in this position and how it feels inside means most men only last a few seconds.

2. Another way to make a man have an orgasm is to dress for him because men are very visual about sex, this works wonders. Get in bed before him and get ready, then when he wiggles and pulls back the covers, his eyes will pop out, he’ll be instantly erect and ejaculate in seconds. You know that a man watches porn, well, this establishes what are the expectations of him. How many adult movies feature the woman in a bathrobe and pajamas? So the point is that expectation is key.

3. This is the best way to make a man have an orgasm, in fact, you can achieve it in thirty seconds. It’s fellatio (oral) and this when done with this little tip will make any man climax. Okay, all you need to do is keep the blowjobs short and quick, don’t try to take him deep, just suck on the tip of his penis, which is the most sensitive part. You will be surprised how quickly you can make a man orgasm by doing this.

There are many more ways and techniques, but of all of them, fellatio will ring your bell (pardon the pun) louder than anything else. So if your man had trouble ejaculating or just wants to make a man orgasm faster, then fellatio is what he needs to master.

Imagine having your man literally begging on his knees for more intimate action from you. Once you’ve mastered the above tips and can control his man’s innermost sexual desires, guess what? He’s not going anywhere!! What will be on his mind all day? Simpleā€¦the thought of what’s going to happen when she walks through the door to his lady. That leaves you with a pending task (well and buccal) and that is to be so seductive and learn the new skills you need.

You know that there are several ways to learn these new skills that you require. Could you ask a friend? but hey, it might be embarrassing to admit your faults to someone you know, right? you could stay up all night on Google searching for free advice on the subject, but then you miss out and what is your man doing while you do this “research”?

There is a safe way to learn, and learn fast, and that is by clicking the link below and reading the guide. There is literally no better or faster way to learn what you need to have your man permanently under his control right now.

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