Masturbation Renewal: Housewares for More Fun

When a man plans to vent with a session of self-pleasure, there is usually not much foresight or planning involved in the activity. Given the frequency with which most men turn to their own hand for stimulation, it is not surprising that they tend to develop masturbation routines, which they follow more or less constantly. But since masturbation and frequent ejaculation are so crucial to penile and sexual health, it’s a good idea to spend a little time thinking about ways to mix up the activity, keep it fresh, and possibly add a level of enjoyment that a man would never thought it was possible.

One way to renew masturbation is to incorporate something besides the hand to place the manhood. Men may be thinking of sex toys that they can buy for this purpose, and if resources and interest allow it, of course, look at the wide range of exciting options out there.

But a man doesn’t need to rush to a sex shop or wait for an online order to be delivered to start experimenting. There are many objects in the house that a man can use safely and pleasantly as masturbation aids. Consider the following.

Banana peel

With a little creativity, this phallic fruit can do more than provide a healthy dose of potassium. Cut off the tip of a banana, squeeze the fruit, rinse the inside with warm water, and then fill with lubricant. Insert the penis and go to town! For added pleasure, heat the shell in the microwave for a few seconds before lubricating it. Note: Always test the temperature prior to insertion to make sure it is not too hot!

Nice fabrics

If a man has a silk tie or plush sheets, he would not mind getting dirty, he can use these delicious fabrics to pamper his member while he masturbates. A man can become kinky with this masturbatory aid by purchasing silk pantyhose or panties for women for that purpose. Better yet, if you have a willing mistress, you can borrow hers (making it clear what the intended use is).

Plastic bag

A man can put more than a sandwich in his trusty plastic bags. Try filling one with lube and sticking your penis inside for a new sensation. For added pleasure, a man can tuck his lubricated bag between the sofa cushions or two pillows; this adds a bit of pressure to the member, simulating intercourse.

Latex glove

Many people fantasize about the doctor’s visit becoming sexual, and if a man has that fantasy, wearing a latex glove can be an exciting solo session. You can pretend your hand belongs to a doctor who is examining your penis, but the doctor can’t resist the urge to get naughty.

Cardboard roll

The cylinders inside toilet paper and paper towel rolls can fit most penises. Put a condom inside the roll, fold the top of the condom over the top of the roll and tape it down, put some lubricant inside and jerk off with it. If a man has fantasies about an absurdly long member, he can even use a roll of wrapping paper!

Masturbation, whether with one hand, a toy, or a household object, can be harsh on the skin of the penis. That is why it is a good idea to have a quality lubricant that can protect the skin from excess friction. This is especially important when a man is sticking his member inside objects other than his known hand.

Another step men can take to keep their skin in good condition is to use a penis health cream. (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) daily. Keeping your skin hydrated protects it from chafing and can help it recover from the friction it has already been exposed to. Since the good condition of the skin is imperative for the look, feel and sensitivity of the member, investing in Man1 Man Oil is a wise move.

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