Motivation: chameleon or blast of bright light?

Motivation can be direct or indirect, instructive or destructive, depending on the circumstances. I am very grateful to have had so many positive and motivating people and communications over the years and I want to share some ideas with you. The motivation for me at 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 was similar in some cases and very different in others. I don’t have to tell you how difficult life can be. In the darkest moments, my faith in God, my family and friends made life more bearable; I could see my way out of the darkest of tunnels. I am an avid reader, usually of material with a positive ending, so I continually seek comments, phrases, and life lessons from others to prompt me to take the next step: positive action.

As an adult, I’ve always been drawn to motivational authors and speakers. I will say that what worked in your 20s usually didn’t work in your 50s. No apologies are needed here. My perspective, and I suspect yours, changes over time. The Internet has expanded our ability to search for the right word or thought to help propel us forward. In recent years, tele-seminars, podcasts, and live streaming are some of the newer ways to expand our learning potential. Regardless of the source, when we take our “intentions” to the next level, our perspective begins to change.

Take a moment to reflect on an event in your life when someone or something touched you, encouraged you, and your new thought became “I can do this!” What are you working on personally or professionally that may need that extra push to take it to the next level: action or more action? I use various things, but a new one for me is five beautiful word agate magnets that I have strategically placed on the base of my “Imagine” computer; “Believe”, “Laugh”, “Love” and “Believe”.

I have a warning for you about negativity. There are many in the world who thrive on being naysayers and love to reject any positive thoughts or ideas you may express. If there are any realistic issues that you need to consider, please do so; otherwise, don’t waste your time or any other resources with these people. Surround yourself with positive and like-minded people who will support and motivate you as you go. Ask yourself, “Who am I seeing? What am I reading? What am I seeing? Do my actions and decisions about it motivate me to take positive action? If not, what steps need to be taken to improve?”

As with any habit, especially a new one, take time for daily affirmation and repetition of something positive at the beginning and end of your day. Try this for ninety days and reward yourself at the end of each week with something that just makes you smile. This can be very contagious and I hope it contributes to your personal and professional success.

Finally, I leave you with this thought from an organization called Great Quotations:

“I did is a word of achievement, it is not a word of retreat, power is a word of mourning, I cannot is a word of defeat, I should is a word of duty, trying is a word every hour, will is a word of beauty , can is a word of power. “

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