Moving abroad: using your iMac computer in Europe

Moving to a new country is a fun and exciting experience, but there can be numerous technological challenges associated with relocating abroad. If you own an Apple iMac computer, replacing the main power cord may be a challenge.

Unlike most Apple products, the iMac cannot use the popular World Traveler kit, which comes with plug adapters for six different countries. Why can’t the iMac use the adapter kit? The iMac doesn’t have a removable plug (or the white box that plugs into the wall). Instead, it’s a thick power cord from the back of the computer / monitor to the wall.

What complicates the situation is that it is not possible to buy a European power cord for your Apple iMac in the United States. It cannot be purchased at Apple stores, online, or over the phone. If you’re not in a rush to use your computer when you arrive, you can purchase a cable over the phone in your particular European country.

But, if you need to be up and running shortly after you arrive, it’s important that you purchase your new iMac cable before you leave. Fortunately, there are a handful of online retailers that provide access to generic European power sources that can be purchased in the United States. The key is knowing the right search terms to find and buy the product.

Here are three search phrases we’ve used to find the right product:

  • European computer power cord
  • European pc power cord
  • Computer plug for use in Europe

Since it is not possible to test your new power source before you leave, it may be wise to visit a computer store in your new country of residence to ensure that you have purchased the correct product.

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