Nightlife in central Singapore

It’s ten p.m. Bedtime? Not here in central Singapore, where the night is still young and the fun has just begun! Nightlife in Singapore is always vibrant as crowds are drawn to sophisticated clubs and swing bars. As a haven for upscale shops and restaurants, these establishments also stay open longer hours happily serving your inner owl.

Culture bar

Those who need one after hours to relax will love the bar culture in Singapore’s Central Business District. Most of the expats who work at Raffles Place and City Hall frequent their favorite bars at the end of the day to enjoy a beautiful cocktail and a friendly chat with friends. Mandarin Hotel is a popular meeting place; It is luxurious but absolutely relaxing as it overlooks the beautiful night scene of Orchard Road. This elegant joint serves up classic cocktails with a lychee spin martini in a Japanese teapot, anyone? Sit back and enjoy the atmosphere as jazz artists sing the night away.

Culture Club

Dance the night away as world-renowned DJs unleash their magic in central Singapore! We have many luxury clubs worthy of international standards, such as Zouk, where the club, the lounge and the bar come together under one roof. You could have fun with trance and house music at Zouk the club, listen to funk as you admire their genuine Warhols at Velvet Underground, or simply sip expensive cocktails at their Wine Bar. Gorillas stand guard on theme nights to make sure only well-dressed people enter. and wealthy. Well, it’s time to play for the rich and the elite.

Dinner culture

Tired and hungry after a night of dancing? Don’t worry because dinner culture is very prominent in Singapore and you can never go hungry even after midnight. Carousel at Royal Plaza offers a delicious buffet dinner from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. and attracts city nights who crave dim sum and nasi lemak. As a hallmark of luxurious buffets, this elegant restaurant prepares exquisite 5-star cuisine and the service is impeccable. With a high price, dinner buffets like this are not a normal fare for ordinary people.


Staying late in central Singapore is safe and convenient. Our trusted law enforcement makes us one of the safest cities in the world to live in. As such, crime levels are minimal and most expats feel safe even when they party at 4 in the morning. Other than that, night taxis are widely available, especially in central Singapore, so you can get home safely after a night of luxurious fun.

Nightlife in Singapore is luxurious, relaxed but absolutely safe! To find out more about clubs and bars in central Singapore, contact us!

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