Perhaps you would be interested in installing the Duragres Tesoro luxury tile collection?

Investigating the present, we realize that it is a combination of the wonders of ancient art together with contemporary influences. Nature has been a recurring theme in ancient crafts with materials derived from nature being used to build masterpieces. The paste-colored Premium roof tiles called Duragres Tesoro are born from historical inspiration. Get them in various finishing effects like Full Polished and Stone, Wood and Metallic types. The tiles are practical and durable and are a real treasure derived from substances born from nature.

Discover the hidden qualities of Duragres Tesoro

A range of glossy vitrified tiles, they are made from a mixture of clay, quartz and feldspar. The tiles are extremely stained and scratch resistant. Find them in the very aesthetic finishes Stone and Metal, Wood and Marble, or the Impression series, according to your preferences. The imitation is very realistic thanks to advanced printing technology!

Although Duragres Tesoro represents luxury, they are also quite ecological. As the world becomes more environmentally conscious and practices green policies, we also see it as a must. The combination of luxurious tiles with green thinking has been the contribution we made towards an environmentally sustainable world.

Nature-based thinking coupled with ideas and images of natural surroundings provide great motivation. Our innovative research and development team created shimmering metallic finishes along with various other stone and wood surfaces. A novel range mimics exotic stone surfaces such as marble and granite, as well as wood patterns. Color pigments for a real and exact effect use a wonderful closure system to insert the rich color. Such is the impact that damage will not occur as a result of rough use and chipping. Consistent color throughout the depth of the tile prevents any visible damage.

Superficial appearances will remain for an eternity and that is not all. Duragres Tesoro shingles are easy to install and can handle heavy foot traffic in busy areas.

Modern floors would make great use of assorted boxes of tiles, neatly packaged and ready to install. The edges have been cut by computer, thicknesses calibrated and previously polished like mirrors. Build natural environments in the cozy backgrounds of the home with the surfaces that the family wants.

Tiles are made in sizes 600*600mm and 600*1200mm. Prices vary per square meter. wise feet. Developers, homeowners, and architects will find much to be happy about with the Duragres Tesoro tile collection.

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