Pet Names 101 – Good Names for Lizards

Do you plan to have a lizard as a pet? Then you’d better come up with a good pet name. A pet lizard is amazing. You can have a unique pet that is easy to maintain and care for. A pet gecko does not require any special diet. All you need to do is feed it the necessary lizard food that you can get at a pet store. You don’t even have to have a lot of space for your pet. This means that you can take care of your lizard within your own room. If you want to maximize the experience you can get with your pet lizard, you need to think about a good name for your pet. Here are some great pet names for lizards:

Lizzie Maguire – This is a fun and imaginative name. Lizzie Maguire is a popular TV show character a few years ago. What makes this an awesome pet name for a lizard is the fact that it is a play on words. A lizard named Lizzie Maguire is sure to make a fun pet. You can tell your friends that your pet’s full name is actually Lizard Maguire and that Lizzie is just a nickname.

Continue – Lizards look like little dragons. Giving your pet lizard this name makes your lizard look amazing. If you think Dragon name is too common, you can try other dragon names like Drogon, Rheago, Drago, Eragon and other similar dragon names. You can refer to fantasy novels, movies, and games for dragon name ideas.

little foot – If you watched the classic animated dinosaur movie, The Land Before Time, you will definitely love its main character, Littlefoot. Littlefoot is a good name for your pet lizard, especially if the movie holds a special place in your heart.

Gandalf – if you are a big fan of fantasy, then Gandalf the Gray would be one of your favorite characters. This main character from The Lord of the Rings is a good name for your pet lizard. Gandalf makes your pet look wise and stoic. This is perfect because most lizards look like this.

Voltaire – because a pet lizard is silent and often makes long pauses, this makes it perfect for the name of a good philosopher like Voltaire. If you don’t like this philosopher, you can try other names of philosophers like Socrates, Francis Bacon and other philosophers. These are definitely awesome pet names to consider.

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