Probiotics – Know what is entering your body!

Did you know that some probiotic manufacturers use potentially dangerous strains of bacteria such as Enterococcus faecalis and Bacillus subtilis to make their products?

Enterococcus faecalis is known to cause life-threatening infections in humans, however there are companies that use this ingredient in their formulas. If you don’t believe me, Google: Enterococcus faecalis Probiotics. I think you will find the review near the top: “Threelac review, does the probiotic eat yeast or not?” – very interesting. Be sure to read the “dirty truth” part halfway through. The person who wrote the article had very serious health problems that he attributes to using a probiotic with that ingredient.

Bacillus subtilis, while less likely to cause marked health problems, is still not without its harmful effects. Since there are many different varieties, the “safe” ones can be difficult to separate from the harmful ones. Again, Google Bacillus subtilis probiotics and be sure to see the “How safe are the probiotics you are taking” review near the top. What you see there may just surprise you.

Many probiotic products contain soil organisms that are not really safe to use. There are some premium probiotic supplement manufacturers whose products contain only organisms derived from human sources. Products of human origin are recognized and safe for our body. They use strains like lactobacillus paracasei and lactobacillus acidophilus. Googling those terms for probiotics – the results will be considerably different.

Independent third-party laboratory tests verify the safety, strength, and purity of premium probiotic products. I invite you to do your homework and find out if your probiotic manufacturer is using a third party lab to verify effectiveness and purity. Unless it’s a paid site or an endorsement, I guess not.

Theralac, a premium probiotic supplement, for example, makes finding proof for its claims pretty easy. Your quality assurance portal located at will display the results for your most recent lot number 1288A when you enter. I tested this myself and found that in a 10 gram sample the result for Enterococcus Faecalis was negative. This is significant!

Don’t be fooled by a fancy ad campaign. Believe in science! Some probiotic manufacturers are using ingredients that aren’t even recognized by the International Probiotic Association – ingredients like the aforementioned Enterococcus faecalis and Bacillus subtilis that may do more harm than good.

Trust the science. Trust in safety. Premium probiotic supplements are of human origin and are the only truly safe products to use!

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