The actors are so overrated

Let’s face it, acting is not a skill. Acting is more of a talent, to say that it is an innate or natural ability to do something, which most people have, but have not had the opportunity to have a way of life. Children have the ability to act. Animals have acting skills. The blind, the deaf, whatever, all kinds of disabled beings have the ability to act. A skill is the ability to do something well, but it is a learned skill that makes it a real skill. Walking and talking is not a skill, but rather our innate and natural ability as human beings. Writing this article is a skill and I guarantee you, a child or an animal could have written this article, at least not on this day and time.

Ask yourself this question, do actors really make a movie good or bad? The answer is no, they don’t. Most actors have acted in at least one or more horrible movies in their lives, but the more movies an actor plays, the more people are willing to go see that movie. So fame is counted in the aspect of selling tickets to get your money and that’s it. The directors and their team of producers and writers and all the people involved in making a movie are the real stars, but they are not recognized for their skills as much as the actors. The actors do what they are told; they say what they are ordered to say, in the way the director wants them to say it. All of their paper is written and written in advance and they have as many opportunities, at the directors’ discretion, to get it right. At the end of the day, the decisions the director makes is the determining factor in the outcome of his film. The actors are part of those decisions, as well as all aspects of the film. A good movie can turn a new actor into a star and make him famous, but a “good” or well-known actor cannot turn a bad movie into a good movie. However, there are many people who could not tell you the name of a director of a movie, but if you mentioned a particular actor, they would remember many titles of many movies. Really, but it is a learned process. Growing up as children, watching movies and shows, we didn’t even think about who put all of that together, we didn’t care, why would we do it as children? But we could recognize the actors of our favorite shows and put faces to our favorite characters, right?

My point is that actors are very overrated. They get more praise than teachers, construction workers, members of our military, government officials, and any other profession you can think of and yet they only do what they are instructed to do, which doesn’t require any thought process or skills required. . Actors make more money and live better lives than eighty to ninety percent of the world’s population. They experience more of what life has to offer than many of the most deserving people in the world. They are basically above the law, because they can easily afford the necessary legal representation for basically any crime. Not to mention, most attorneys would be honored to represent you. Pat yourself on the back, because you paid for it. We even have an actor like our current president. Explain why companies use famous and well-known actors to endorse products that those actors would never use themselves, such as credit card companies, insurance companies, fast food restaurants, weight loss products, etc. Does the fame of being seen on television really take a person? Most actors wouldn’t give you the time of day, but you praise them and you would probably do anything for them if you had the chance. “Shaking my head”

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