The history of social media since 1994

The history and history of social media

The history of social media is an important milestone for businesses and websites. Social media may seem like a relatively new wonder on the internet, with Twitter and Facebook being the two most popular, but in reality, social media is not and was never simply designed with these two platforms. In fact, Facebook and Twitter were launched almost thirty years ago. after social started on the internet. It is true that it was not until 2004 and 2006 when Facebook and Twitter began that social networks began to change the world and the way people communicate online, but the truth is that social networks began with email, usenet , the world wide web, blogging and instant messaging from AOL. The history of the Internet is the history of social networks.

History of social media

The phenomenon of social networks flourished in 1994 with the creation of Geocities, which allowed its users to configure websites following the model of certain urban areas. At that time, more than 1,500 web servers were online in 1994 and people referred to the Internet as the Information Superhighway.

  • In 1971, a government organization called ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) sent the first email.
  • In 1980, the worldwide distributed Internet discussion system of Usenet was launched, and with it, thousands flocked to message boards to discuss music, science, literature, and sports.

These two events mark the beginning of social media.

What do people do with social media?

  • Publish and share
  • Read and watch
  • Link and comment
  • Interact with brands
  • Interact with fan pages
  • Playing games
  • Chat and messaging

What is social?

  • It’s huge. If Facebook were a country, it would be the third most populous in the world, behind only China and India.
  • The amount of video uploaded to YouTube every minute is more than 24 hours (double the previous year).
  • The number of YouTube videos viewed per day exceeds 2 billion (double the previous year).
  • The number of images hosted on Flickr exceeds 4 billion (that is, 13 times more than the Library of Congress).
  • The number of companies using LinkedIn to find and attract employees is 95%.
  • The number of marriages last year between people who met through social media is 1 in 6, which is double the number of people who met at bars, clubs and other social events.
  • The average number of tweets per day on Twitter exceeds 27 million (that is, 8 times more than the previous year).

Who is social?

More than half of the human race is under 30 years old. So if you want to get an idea of ​​where the world’s media habits are headed, it makes sense to look at what kids do.

Reaching out to customers

Social media is the best way to reach your most influential customers and the only way to reach the most cynical. Social networks are the crack of the Internet. We want it, we need it, and we go through retirement when we don’t have it.

The future of business and social media

Social media is a way of thinking. It’s not about sales, ads, or click-through rates. It is about seeking relationships and fostering consumer communities. Businesses that want to grow need to rethink their entire business marketing process. Social requires companies to make plans because with social, customers are at the center and in control.

Level the playing field

Social media is dramatically leveling the playing field and connecting us like never before. So, forget about your brand. It is not yours. You can spend all kinds of time and money trying to fabricate public opinion, but ultimately it depends on the public.

Social media is redefining everything.

  • How we work
  • How we play
  • How we learn
  • How we share
  • How we discovered
  • How we create
  • How we complain
  • How we celebrate
  • How we cry
  • How we clap
  • How we influence
  • How we collaborate
  • How we investigate
  • How we evaluate

The rules of social media are basically the same as those of the media.

  1. Listens
  2. Compromises
  3. Be real
  4. Be respectful
  5. Have fun

Home on the Internet

Social media is the ongoing conversation of the planet. It’s the source of news, and more often than not, social media is home on the Internet. It is the home page and the place where most people spend time on the Internet. Social media is mainstream. The media spokesperson moves and constantly distributes to the hands of the public.

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