The Law of Attraction: I am a vibrating transmitter and receiver

The vibration that we offer to the world transmits and receives feedback from the universe with each of our thoughts. The law of attraction is the most powerful law in the universe, it is the law above all laws. Every thought we think matters because it causes an event, so to speak, in this universe.

So what is vibration? How do we have events that we like? The vibration is the emotions that we emit with each thought that we think. When we realize how powerful we are, we will want to begin to understand this more fully.

Our emotions are our point of attraction. They are the glue, so to speak, of what brings us wanted or unwanted things.

If we are in a low emotion such as sadness, anger, rage, pain, frustration, etc., we are attracting things, people and experiences that are the emotional equivalent of these emotions. Illnesses of all kinds can be given an emotional equivalent. So, for example, a chronic disease like cancer has an emotional equivalent that is probably despair, sadness, and fear. The same goes for something like depression.

So in other words, if we have had thoughts that make us feel fearful or desperate, over a period of time they could create depression, in addition to many life events that are depressing. This could be broken relationships or bankruptcy, etc.

And in the same way, if we are in the high feeling emotions like love, joy, freedom, deep knowledge and faith, we will receive the emotional equivalent of this. This could include happy relationships, fun times, an abundance of money, and of course a healthy body.

This is an abundant universe. By that I mean, everything is fine. We were born to be healthy, happy, and have all the money and things we want. It is here to take it, but to receive it, we must understand what our emotions tell us.

When we feel good, happy and playful, this is our natural state of well-being. This is the nature of the universe. And as we transmit this energy of good feelings, the universe responds in the same way with all the wonderful things that we have been asking for. We are in control of this, if we learn how to guide our thoughts towards higher emotional thoughts of feelings.

So when we master how to guide our thoughts toward our natural state of being, our thoughts will make us feel happy, joyous, and enthusiastic.

Now most of us are responding to the things we are observing and making a conscious or unconscious decision to react to them. So if we see that someone is not nice, we may get angry. And thus emit this thought to the universe.

The key to all well-being is knowing that above all we want to feel good. And then, in that situation, we would divert our attention from the unpleasant act or maybe we would come to a conclusion like ‘this person is just having a bad day’ and we would let it go … but we would not allow anything outside of ourselves. to affect our high vibration.

This is the secret key to all happiness, knowing that we are a vibratory transmitter and receiver of energy for the universe. And the universe responds in the same way to whatever that energy is. To learn more about the law of attraction and access strategies to feel good most of the time join my blog.

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