Who will win the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup? The view of a tarot

June 2010 is here and all the soccer lovers are supporting their teams with all their love, energy and enthusiasm. Every football fan has one question on their mind “Will your country lift the 2010 FIFA World Cup?” Everyone is guessing the future, and that’s why we wanted to see what the tarot cards say about the future of the 2010 Soccer World Cup teams. We don’t know yet, but we may see the World Cup final Brazil vs England 2010. Let’s say what the tarot cards say about these football teams, namely Argentina, Brazil, England, Germany, Italy, Spain, Holland.

Argentina: The Tarot cards say that the Argentina team carries the energies of a force in motion both physically and emotionally. In some ways, there is a big indication of financial problems for the team, which means that they may not make it to the final. The cards also indicate that these financial worries will ease soon but very slowly, which tells us that this team may enter the quarter-final/semi-final stage, but the chances of winning are not great. If they really want to be in the final and win the show, they have to put in a lot of effort. They will also need to be 100% sure not to miss a single opportunity. Tarot reading says that team players are not willing to change in the given circumstances, where they must work to achieve their goals.

Brazil: The tarot cards say that the Brazil team will have a lot of money in their pocket as well as great recognition and fame. The series may not start well, but as it progresses things will come together for Brazil and start to fall into place. Luck will also have her hand, leading this team to new heights. The team will have to work as one and enjoy the fruits of their labor. The new players will be very useful for the team, especially the players between 21 and 30 years old with a quick mind. All thumbs up for Brazil, it seems that they are in the final with great chances of winning the tournament.

England: The Tarot cards say that the England team will have great surprises and also pleasant ones. Will they make it to the final? We say “Maybe yes!” The Tarot reading indicates that the team will be carrying out good strategies and will work with adequate planning in each game. There are awards and honors indicated on the cards, success in the foreign land that is South Africa. The boss/intellectual coach will play an important role in the success of the team. There is a good amount of money on the way even after the tournament with new contracts on the way. Once again the thumbs are up for England and again it looks like Brazil also have a good chance of reaching the final and winning the tournament.

Germany: The tarot cards say that the Germany team may not make it to the final, as the card shows mix-ups and double-mindedness. Players can miss scoring opportunities due to this issue, which means they can miss passing or heading at the right time. There is frustration in the team’s efforts, and despite their efforts, they have a little doubt in their hearts. They will have to look directly at their targets or should we say the opponent’s targets. They should not lose hope and remain calm. If they bring calm to their team, then and only then will good fortune strike them and something good might happen. Money is cornered between problems and worries. So far we believe that they will not reach the final of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Italy; The tarot cards say that the Italy team will go the right way in this series. But they have to be very careful with their planning because unless they put their plans into action, it can be very difficult for them to get into the final. They must also choose the players very carefully and consider all the possibilities before forming the team and must not overlook the players. Skills are more important here than names. There are a lot of joys on the card which means the team will be very successful but the money is not there and therefore we think this team can make it to the semi-finals/quarter-finals.

Spain: The tarot cards say that the Spanish team has very little chance of reaching the top. The team is unsure about their strengths and weaknesses and is also connecting with luck a lot. Efforts and efforts are indicated and success will come in a different form. Although luck will favor them in the tournament, they will always have the fear of failure in mind. If they can get past this problem, they can go a little further.

Netherlands: Tarot Cards says that the Netherlands team will save their energies for the right moment to attack. There is a hint of selfishness in the team, which may mean there may be a change of heart about passing the ball to a player or simply trying to score goal themselves. The players need to work as a team and believe that there is only one player playing and that is his country. The chances are definite are very less. Many efforts are needed.

The Tarot cards as per the discussion above indicate that four teams look promising, namely Brazil, England, Italy and Argentina. These teams seem to be heading for the top spots. These teams had more favorable Tarot card readings and therefore we have come to such a conclusion. We believe that we have not hurt anyone’s feelings regarding the possible outcome of the Tarot views towards the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Rest all in God’s hands. We wish all teams the best of luck and we also want all teams to remember that there is only one goal, the opponent’s goal.

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