Wisconsin Real Estate Agent: Some Benefits of Using a Professional When Selling Wisconsin Real Estate

Are you selling a house?

If you are looking to sell real estate in Wisconsin, you’d better find a real estate agent to help you list your property and sell it on the market. The state has several real estate trade associations and one of them is the Wisconsin Real Estate Agents Association (WRA).

The WRA is a 14,000-member association with not only real estate agents, but also professionals who are often involved in the sale of real estate, namely: appraisers, inspectors, attorneys, loan officers, and legislators. Because of this association, your agent can refer you to trustworthy and trustworthy service providers in the state.

This will make it easier for you to compare and contrast the services of different agents. Since the WRA also represents approximately three million people in the state, you can be assured that the WRA can protect the interests of its members through legislation.

Also consider this fact, homeowners in the state who enlist the help of a real estate agent can sell their homes at a 32% premium over the FSBO (sale by owner) method.

Most of the time, FSBO transactions tend to be smaller because the houses are sold by buyers who are not trained in real estate transactions and do not know how to obtain a higher price.

In addition, real estate agents in Wisconsin have current market data and are aware of the landscape of both sellers and buyers. Most of the time they have a good sense of market timing, they know when to sell or if you could get a higher price later.

This is very important in the urban suburbs around Milwaukee and Madison, where home values ​​and neighborhood conditions can change dramatically in just a few blocks. Most sellers for sale have no idea of ​​this price fluctuation and often get the asking price very, very wrong.

This is something that does not happen with a state licensed agent because the faster and higher the real estate agent is to sell your property, the higher their commission. They both win.

Knowing the values ​​and fluctuations of the large metropolitan areas of the states is also very important when buying a new home.

You can use your own real estate professional to help you find a new home. Often times, you can negotiate a lower rate for the sale of your home by using the same agent to help you with the purchase of a new home.

Also, you can be sure that your real estate agent is not just your average citizen who can negotiate a home sale. In the state of Wisconsin, real estate agents have very strict education and training requirements and are monitored for ethics and integrity.

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