10 ways to save on your cell phone bill

1) Change your current plan. You do not have to extend or terminate your contract. Ask your carrier for a summary of your past phone usage to see if you can get a cheaper plan.

2) Take advantage of family messaging and data plans. This can save you a lot. AT&T, for example, offers unlimited texting for a family for $30 a month, compared to $20 per person.

3) Ask your company’s Human Resources Department about any qualifying discounts on your personal phone (if applicable).

4) Cancel insurance coverage on your phone. Coverage typically costs $4 to $6 per month with deductibles ranging from $50 to $125. You could easily get a new phone for less if you need it.

5) Change your phone operator if you have found a better plan. Before doing so, wait for the contract to expire to avoid termination fees. Money-saving websites like Billshrink.com and Validas.com have the tools to help you find a better deal from different carriers and one that fits your cell phone usage.

6) Consider other phone companies besides the top four carriers: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Regional carriers like US Cellular, MetroPCS and Cricket Wireless offer savings of $20 a month compared to Big Four plans. Since BillShrink.com and Validas.com do not list these providers, please compare them to Wirelessadvisor.com.

7) Consider prepaid phone plans. They offer talk, text, and internet access starting at $40 a month with NO CONTRACT or CANCELLATION FEES. Prepaid phone plans can be an affordable option if you use less than 300 minutes per month.

8) Change the clothes on your phone. How you use your phone can have a lot to do with how much you pay. For those who don’t have unlimited calling plans, it’s important to monitor your minutes to avoid charges for exceeding your monthly minute allotment. Limit your calls accordingly and make use of your landline.

9) Use Google 411 for free. If you don’t know the number to call, just call 800-GOOG-411.

10) Use WiFi to make international calls. Skype works via Wifi and allows you to call abroad at reduced rates. It is available as a smartphone app. Also, you can call other Skype users for free.


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