The Most Effective Natural Treatments for Tonsil Stones

I am an advocate of natural health remedies; especially in an age of “quick fixes” and people looking for easy ways to improve their appearance or cure pain. If you are looking for cures for tonsil stones, here is the best advice that is not only natural and effective; They are also recommended for bad breath.

Nutrition is the first step you must take to improve your health; is proactive. However, once your tonsils are about to feel sore, foods with probiotic enzymes will lessen the irritation. Foods that are probiotics naturally help your digestive system; while breaking the stones gradually. Here are some foods that are great for providing a probiotic protein: yogurt, sauerkraut, dark chocolate, pickles, and kombucha (fermented) tea. Probiotic foods also limit bad bacteria; so make sure you stay away from dairy as this is the main contributor to tonsil stones. A good diet is always accompanied by water. Although there have been cases where doctors warn against many carbonated beverages; they are of great help in dislodging tonsil stones and actually serve as a cure. Drink plenty of plain water throughout the day, especially when you are active. As doctors prescribe 8 glasses, this is essential to help reduce the chances of more tonsil stones forming.

If there’s any truth to “your mouth is the dirtiest part of your body,” it only makes sense to have healthy oral hygiene. This tonsil stone cure may be common sense; also this advice is both preventive and a subtle cure. Always brush after every meal and gargle with salt water or non-alcoholic mouthwash. If you have a photo of water, it’s great for rinsing the cracks and infected area. You may also want to use a cotton swab to gently insert it into your mouth and rub the enlarged formations to loosen them. Simply press on the bottom of your tonsils and push up; this should pop the stones right away.

A small but effective way to dislodge the stones would be to use a small dropper of medicine (without medicine, obviously). If it’s small enough, it can suck up the stones right away. Here’s a cure for tonsil stones that just makes sense. Try to cough hard or profusely. This method has been known as an old home remedy that really works to loosen a tonsil stone.

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