Visiting Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has some of the clearest waters and purest sandy beaches in the world. Aguadilla is no exception. Aguadilla, Puerto Rico is located in the uppermost northwestern part of the country. The city is almost 36 square miles. It houses the international airport of Aguadilla, one of the 12 commercial airports in the country. Aguadilla is easily accessible for travelers looking to purchase another home as a second home.

Aguadilla is also home to Crash Boat Beach. It gets its name from a time when the US military docked rescue boats for downed planes at its dock. The pier, which is still standing, is a wonderful tourist attraction. Beachgoers have been known to walk onto the pier and plunge into the crystal clear water.

Also in town is Villa Montana Beach Resort. The complex is located on 35 acres and 3 miles of beautiful white sand beaches. There are 32 villas and 37 hotel rooms for the enjoyment of its guests. Home to its alfresco restaurants, sculptured pools, and excellent spa services, the resort is sure to please. An ideal place to celebrate a wedding. It would also be a great place to sleep while looking to buy another house in town.

There are many things to do here: kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, diving, and banana boat rides. Maybe you just want to work on your tan or chase baby iguanas all day. Maybe nightlife is your stage. Put on your dancing shoes and head over to Happy Belly’s for some Spanish dancing on Jobos Beach.

If food is your thing, visit a local bakery or delicatessen. There are so many wonderful foods to enjoy. Be sure to try a “cupcake”. Some come filled with sweet things like guava, pineapple, or coconut, for a midday snack. Some can fill your belly at lunchtime, like those filled with meat, cheese, or those with pizza-like toppings. You don’t even need to know much Spanish. Just say, “pizza cupcake please!”

During your visit, be sure to travel outside of Aguadilla. Old San Juan is about two hours away. Located on a small island, San Juan is steeped in history and is the oldest settlement in the country. Here are more than 400 restored buildings from the 16th and 17th centuries, and cobblestone streets. It is a city full of beautiful architecture, restaurants, museums and many shops. The city even offers a free tourist tram.

Perhaps one of the best advantages of buying another home in Aquadilla is the beautiful rainforest that surrounds it. El Yunque Rain Forest is a montane tropical rain forest on the eastern side of the Luquillo Mountains. It is the first mountain that faces the wind and collects all the rain. The El Yunque rainforest is full of waterfalls that pour rainwater down the mountainside. There’s even a place to sit and slide down a natural rock slider board. It’s quite fun!

Whatever you are looking for to buy another home, you will find it here in Aguadilla Puerto Rico. So come and bring your thirst for adventure with you!

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