You’re wasting your time, you don’t need to be rescued

Someone broke your heart and now you are suffering. Your life seems full and hopeless. You may be stuck in the inertia and you are waiting for him to come back to apologize and take away the pain.

You feel so small and so broken now that you are waiting for him and other people to come take care of you.

Hears! Wake up! I have bad news for you!

You are now living in a hypnotic dream state. You are waiting for “someone” to solve your problems. Unfortunately, this “magical person” will never come.

Why am I so lucky, you ask?

Well, you’re struggling with a fear. This is a fear of taking full and total responsibility for your life. It makes you feel desperate, empty, stressed. Your life is useless and frustrating. Those feelings encourage you to give up your life and end it. It’s killing you!

What motivates you to keep this fear within you? Why do you have it?

If you are honest with yourself, you will answer that it is not beneficial at all.

This belief seduced you into believing that it is an advantage to hold and believe it.

So, let me explain something else…

The fear of taking full and total responsibility for your life motivates you not to be held accountable when something goes wrong. Thus, you avoid negative feelings such as unworthiness, stupidity and low self-esteem. So that you continue to feel good about yourself.

Let’s make a summary:

The fear of taking full and total responsibility for your life makes you feel good about yourself.

Does this statement sound familiar to you? Take a moment and think about how you feel inside when you have this problem inside of you.

I am sure you feel hopeless and trapped in your life. You wait for your ex and other people to fix your life problems and save you. That makes you feel inadequate, incompetent and dependent on others. You feel vulnerable, sad and depressed. What’s more, you can’t cope with the feelings of fear! That is diminishing your value as a person. You feel less than a human being.

Does this statement seem true or false to you?

When this resonates with you as a false statement, it means that your authentic self is telling the truth. This is a first step out of this paralyzing state of being.

So, you can disconnect from the traumatic past. You will stop waiting for a magical prince to save you. It will be easy for you to take full and total responsibility for his life as an independent and mature adult.

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