Eliminating mattress fumes – 5 things to do

Many mattresses contain volatile organic chemicals like formaldehyde, flame retardant chemicals that often use chemicals like antimony oxide and melamine resin. These big name chemicals can cause big problems in the bedroom, especially for those who are chemically sensitive.

So if you bought or were given a new mattress and are struggling with fumes, here are 5 tips that can help you get a good night’s sleep on your new mattress sooner rather than later.

1. Talk to the manufacturer about the chemicals in the mattress that could be giving off gas. Ask them to store it for several weeks before delivering it to allow time for the chemicals to discharge. And ask them for their recommendations on how to deal with fumes.

2. Take a walk with the mattress. This may seem like an incredibly silly idea, but it can have a huge impact on removing odors. Put the mattress in an open truck and take it for a ride. Passing air through the mattress has been shown to remove odor quickly and permanently. You can also do this while receiving the mattress.

3. If the mattress is already looking at you in your bedroom, try using a box fan in an open window (weather permitting). Turn the fan so that it draws the air from inside the room to the outside. Close the door to the rest of the house. Although this is a temporary solution, it may help keep the air in the rest of the house tolerable.

4. Research mattresses on the market to find out which ones use the least chemicals. Since 2004, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has required that any mattress sold in the United States be able to withstand an open flame for 30 minutes. This sets the seat bar wonderfully high in an attempt to keep us from dying from a bed fire. However, make sure you know the chemicals that are used to prevent that fire. So before you throw away the old mattress, make sure you have all the information about the new one.

5. An air purifier with a carbon-based filter and a potassium iodide additive will help eliminate any ongoing gas releases of volatile organic chemicals and help keep the air in your bedroom cool and conducive to relaxation and relaxation. the dream.

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