The best pickup lines are not!

We understand you. You are looking for the best pickup lines, so that you can deliver them to the most attractive women you see, guaranteeing your success with them. Make sure you are seated, because here they are:

  • You look cold. Do you want to use me as a blanket?
  • Do you have a map? I’m losing myself in your eyes
  • Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only ten I see!

Or how about this classic pickup line: “Hey babe, how’s it going? I’m a Scorpio. What’s your sign?”

The best pickup lines are not!

Do you detect something wrong here? How do you think a woman would respond to any of these dating phrases? If you are having difficulty formulating an answer, imagine if a woman used one of these lines on you.

The pickup lines are dead. They dated TransAm, Gold Chains, and Burt Reynolds. Today they are called openersAnd for good reason. The purpose is opened a conversation with a woman. A good, lively and fun conversation is the best aphrodisiac there is.

How to make a good opener

There are 3 conditions you want to meet:

  1. Attract interest.
  2. Don’t be threatening.
  3. Avoid situational pickup lines.

If you don’t capture their interest, you’re dead in the water. No, you don’t need to turn upside down to interest a woman. Instead, many pickup artists employ what are called non sequitur lines. In other words, his opening statement appears to “come from the field of the left.” If you are on the beach, the first words that come out of your mouth have nothing to do with sand and sun. Instead, you throw yourself into a short, funny story about something completely different.

Starting with a line without sequitur always attracts attention. It also helps you avoid the dreaded situational openness, which is the typical comment along the lines of “Wow, we’re having bad weather” or “Wow, this place is very crowded.” Situation openers mark you as mundane and ordinary.

Finally, don’t be threatening. Being sexually suggestive in the first ten seconds is definitely not recommended. Save that for long much later in the attraction process. Rather, try to bring a little fun and humor into your day. A compliment on your shoes is always a great conversation starter.

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