Health Personnel – Advertising Recruitment Techniques

Many who start a medical staff advertising campaign often confuse marketing with advertising and believe that the two are synonymous. It is possible and very likely that those starting out in the medical staffing industry often pay a heavy price for confusing advertising and marketing.

Common mistakes occur that cause huge expenses to produce advertising campaigns that fail to produce the desired effect. The same goes for mailing campaigns that spend money to print ads that produce a negative result. Often, you are left waiting for a response to your expensive campaign.

Why don’t many new medical staffing agencies create a response to advertising campaigns? Inexperience, as well as not understanding how the medical staffing industry works and responds to advertising.

My goal is to help bring you success using advertising media that is outside of the normal and traditional expensive methods. Their goal is to provide out of the box, bespoke, customized approaches.

You cannot use the traditional methods of marketing and advertising for the medical staffing industry. The medical staffing industry is a tight niche community. Marketing to this particular niche group cannot be approached using the gun shooting method. This medium requires a tailored approach to capture the particular community using specialized triggers.

Here are some examples of what I’m talking about.

Mike runs a physical therapist medical staffing agency in Reno, Nevada. He gets all of this business by sending out bi-monthly newsletters to physical therapists within his geographic area. His bi-monthly newsletter is packed with information specific to physical therapists.

Jennifer runs a nursing staffing agency that focuses primarily on weekends. She gets most of her business by sending out weekly direct mail postcards to housewives with nursing licenses on Fridays. She uses the direct mail campaign to regularly remind nurses that they can earn extra money on the weekends and will even provide childcare assistance.

The example above is a tight niche approach, but it can be used in conjunction with value-added marketing and advertising media. Traditional methods can be used, but they are more of a gentle reminder, but often rarely translate into actual direct calls from candidates. Leaping in directions you’re not used to or think won’t work often often results in positive results. At one point I offered a plasma TV to nurses if they worked one shift a month. In fact, it worked and the RNs ended up working more shifts than just one day a month. The trick is to get them to register.

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