How to Incorporate Elephant Decor Into Your Home

Incorporate Elephant Decor Into Your Home

Elephants are the largest living mammals, and they are known to be a symbol of strength, power, wisdom and good fortune. They also symbolize family ties, love and harmony. Displaying these images in one’s home helps to bring positive energy, prosperity and luck into the lives of all family members. There are a few ways to incorporate elephant decor into your home, depending on the space and purpose of decoration. These can include statues, figurines, paintings, prints on pillows and other textiles, murals, and tapestry wall hangings. Just be sure to use soothing images and avoid ones that are violent or destructive.

According to Vastu, placing elephant statues at the entrance of your house can ward off evil spirits and welcome prosperity into the household. A pair of elephants standing together with their trunks raised is particularly effective. If you don’t want to have a statue at the front door, you can hang an elephant painting there instead.

Similarly, in the office and study, elephants are considered lucky, as they protect against bad energies. Having an elephant statue or painting in the ‘Dui’ area of your house can help students perform better in their academics and enhance their memory. Having an image of an elephant in the bedroom can help couples in their journey towards parenthood. The best way to do this is by displaying a statue of an elephant with a baby.

How to Incorporate Elephant Decor Into Your Home

A mother-child duo of elephants in the form of a statue or a portrait can be placed in the parents’ or children’s room to strengthen the bond between them. The same can be done for the family room as well. This will lead to fewer disagreements and arguments within the family.

Other than this, there are a few other ways to incorporate elephant decor into your home. An elephant-coloured statue or a painting placed in the north-eastern corner of your house can enhance career success. If you have a child in your household, an elephant with its trunk erect is an ideal statue to keep in their study desk as it signifies knowledge and a sharp mind. Moreover, if you have a home telecommuting or coworking space, the presence of an elephant-themed sculpture or picture can help boost your productivity. These decorations are also a perfect gift for friends and family who are in search of good luck, wealth and happiness.

By strategically placing elephant decor throughout your home, you not only infuse a sense of global style but also pay homage to the symbolism associated with these revered creatures, such as wisdom, strength, and good luck. The key is to balance these elements harmoniously with your existing decor to create a space that reflects both your personal style and a love for cultural diversity.

Incorporating elephant decor into your home adds a touch of exotic charm and cultural richness. Here are some creative ways to bring these majestic creatures into your living space:

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