Bitdefender Total Security Guide: A look at the new tools, improved features and many of your options

How much security does your PC need? What about your other devices? Bitdefender Total Security offers all the security and protection you need against all kinds of cyber threats. The latest edition also offers protection for iOS devices.

When it comes to comprehensive security solutions, this is one of the best. With one subscription, you can install the suite on five different devices. It is compatible with Windows, Android and macOS. Any one of the iOS installations does not count against the total. You can also get an unlimited number of licenses with the family pack.

The iOS installation includes the following:

• Protection

• Account privacy

• Parent advisor role

For Windows and other operating systems, you get many other great features to not only improve privacy and protection, but also performance.

Performance features for Windows with Bitdefender Total Security include:

• Battery mode

• Bitdefender AutopilotTM

• Photon™

• Global Protection Network

• Game, work and movie modes

Game/Work/Movie modes are very useful for those who enjoy entertainment and work on the same devices. Total Security 2018 detects when you are watching a movie, playing a game or busy with work and will not bother you with unnecessary requests. Things like popups and unimportant background activities stop temporarily when you’re in one of the modes.

Other benefits of Bitdefender Total Security

Across your laptops, MacBooks, and Android devices, this suite offers everything from anti-theft protection to VPNs to secure online banking.

Some of the new features, like Advanced Threat Defense, are new. This includes “application monitoring”, which uses “behavior detection” to closely monitor all your active applications. If anything suspicious is detected, instant action is taken to protect the device from infection. The new Safe Files feature prevents unauthorized changes to crucial files. All you have to do is add the folders to the “watch list” and their content will be protected from malware and ransomware.

Many of the features and tools of previous Bitdefender products have been improved. Privacy Firewall provides powerful network protection and Password Manager keeps your passwords, sensitive data, credit card details, etc. in a secure vault for easy access when YOU need them. There is also an option to autofill online forms.

For Android devices, the anti-theft feature can be used to remotely locate, lock, or even wipe data should your tablet or smartphone be found or stolen. If someone tries to tamper with you when you’re not around, the camera phone takes a “mugshot” of the person and emails it to you.

This is just a small overview of all the great things Bitdefender Total Security is capable of. There are several purchase/subscription solutions to choose from, all affordable.

This Romania-based antivirus software company really does offer great products at an affordable price. Before placing your order online, be sure to check out Bitdefender Total Security coupons and other promotional offers to help you save on any subscription you choose.

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