The secret to dairy-free, creamy fruit smoothies

One of the best things about frozen fruit smoothies is that you can achieve the creaminess of ice cream, without using dairy! This makes them a fabulous frozen treat for those who are allergic to dairy and gluten. A simple combination of fruit and ice, and you have a creamy ice cream that rivals any ice cream.

However, there is a secret to making creamy fruit smoothies! After all, you can’t just throw old fruits into the blender and expect them to combine into a creamy mixture. There are three fruits that are special and the key to adding creaminess to the end result of your fruit blending experience.

1) The common banana

The most common and inexpensive magic fruit is the banana. Who would have believed that a banana could turn a combination of fruits into something like creamy ice cream? A simple, cheap, everyday banana … I guess it’s no longer just to add to the top of the cereal!

However, the common banana has a special secret. When you blend a banana and then let it sit, it will quickly solidify again into a pudding-like texture. A banana is a wonderful way to make a simple dairy-free chocolate pudding!

2) The unusual avocado

Many of us forget that avocado is really a fruit. Its green color and tasty flavor can add creaminess to simple fruit smoothies, but it can do so much more. It’s the perfect way to make a creamy, dairy-free soup! When you have a good quality blender, you can make a homemade soup in no time.

3) The Sweet Mango

Mango is perhaps the best way to make your fruit smoothies creamy. Its sweet taste, pleasant color and smooth texture are the perfect combination to achieve perfect results every time. Mango is my family’s favorite way to create creamy sorbets and creamy fruit smoothies.

Creating dairy-free, creamy fruit smoothies is pretty easy when you have any of these fruits on hand. Just add them to your blender with the other fruits of your choice for a creamy treat. To get an idea to get started, how about putting frozen mango in your blender with a handful of frozen berries? Add a splash of water or a splash of almond milk to make mixing easier. Blend in a cup and enjoy!

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